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Sonja Johansson, FASLA
Johansson Design Collaborative
9 Old Concord Road
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In the News

Rockefeller Playground in Battery Park City has been voted Best Playground Worth Traveling To by Time Out New York Kids magazine! May-June 2006 Issue.

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We are pleased to announce Sonja Johansson's induction into the American Society of Landscape Architects' Council of Fellows.
Sonja designs play spaces that both nourish children through all stages of development and provide for the needs of caregivers and the community. Among her groundbreaking playground designs are Pierrepont Playground (1978), Rockefeller Park Playground (1992) and the Rusk Institute’s PlayGarden for Interactive Therapeutic Play (1998). The PlayGarden was designed to challenge and strengthen children of all abilities with custom-designed play equipment and topography that transforms therapy into play. Sonja’s work has set the standard for enjoyable, educational, and universally accessible play spaces for families and communities.
The designation of Fellow is conferred on individuals in recognition of exceptional work over a sustained period of time.

Rockefeller Playground at Battery Park City

Drawn by Ed Koren for The New Yorker

Used with permission.

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The LATIS Forum on Therapeutic Landscapes discusses the practice of creating landscapes to support human health and wellbeing. Authors explore how this practice area, rooted deeply in tradition, is evolving to meet modern needs arising from various life circumstances. Successful designs and the process to create them vary according to the special needs of user groups. Readers will learn how therapeutic landscapes provide benefits to all humans, both in clinical and institutional settings and in the matrix of everyday life.

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